Frequently Asked Questions

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We employ a slow infusion process, using all-natural Canadian sourced honey and chillies. The slow infusion process ensures that each tablespoon of our delicious BigBee Hot Honey encompasses the spiciness of the chilies as well as the sweetness of the honey, resulting in a delectable experience!   

Yes! Absolutely no wheat or wheat products have been used or have come in contact with our BigBee Hot honey.   

First, we always recommend closing the lid tight, that will limit the speed of crystallization. If your BigBee Hot Honey crystallizes – don’t fret! Simply heating up the BigBee Hot Honey will remove the crystals. For best results, insert the BigBee Hot Honey in a glass container and heat the glass container in warm (not boiling!) water until
the crystals disappear. If your BigBee Hot Honey crystallized and you’re concerned, you can contact us at to arrange a replacement.

Since we only use all-natural honey in our BigBee Hot Honey, crystallization is can
be expected. The best way to avoid crystallization is to store the BigBee Hot
Honey at room temperature.

As long as your BigBee Hot Honey is stored correctly, it’ll never spoil! Honey has
a very low water content, and high acidity levels. This makes it very difficult
for bacteria to grow. As such, honey does not spoil!

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