About Us

About Us

BigBee Hot Honey was started by friends who fell in love with the flavour of hot honey, but not the often high price.

We made it our mission to make the deliciousness of hot honey widely available, without hurting your pockets, and surely not sacrificing on quality! Once we realized our mission, we went straight to the lab (or, in our case, kitchen) and began experimenting using different infusion techniques and ingredients. During this phase of experimenting, we stuck to one principle, we will not produce something that we can not proudly provide to our closest family and friends. This standard of quality and consistency is followed by BigBee to this day. After months of trial and error, we finally did it – we perfected the same BigBee Hot Honey that so many Canadians have come to love.

We’re based out of Toronto, Ontario, and produce all of our products locally.





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